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Gemeinde Grabenstätt, Chiemsee / Chiemgau  |  E-Mail: geschaeftsleitung@grabenstaett.de  |  Online: http://www.grabenstaett.de

Holidaying in Grabenstätt is not only enjoying unspoiled nature and relaxing as much as you may wish: In our region you can find many rewarding tourist destinations which you can quickly and easily reach in your own car, by bus, train and even by ship.

The Mountain calls... Enjoy the panorama of the Chiemgau Alps with its characteristic peaks. Perhaps you will want to see the wonderful mountain world from close up. You can conquer the mountains on foot or quite effortlessly and simply by a cable lift! These are your many options: Bergener Hochell  ...mehr
Munich, the Bavarian state capital Visit Munich, the Bavarian state capital - or as we also call it, the 'secret capital of the country'. With its many parks and gardens, this great city can appear still and contemplative yet at the same time popular and lively. Refresh yourself in a beer garden or  ...mehr
Stadt Salzburg
The City of Salzburg Salzburg, the capital of the beautiful Salzburger Land, can be easily reached from all points of the compass thanks to its advantegeous geographical position. A proud and rich past and a lively present make Salzburg a city that is always worth a visit. More information from htt  ...mehr
St. Bartholomä on Lake Königssee The impressive Königssee (lying at the very heart of the Berchtesgaden National Park) nestles like an emerald green fjord between the towering mountainsides. Enjoy a boat cruise to St. Barholomä, a pilgrimage church and a former hunting lodge of the Baverian kin  ...mehr
Alte Saline Bad Reichenhall
Berchtesgaden Salt Mine/Old Saline in Bad Reichenhall Experience a mysterious underground tour and be amazed by the fascination subterranean world of salt, the so-called 'White Gold'. More inforamtion under http://www.salzbergwerk-berchtesgaden.de/  ...mehr
Märchen-Familienpark Ruhpolding
Fairytale Family Park - Märchen-Familienpark in Ruhpolding This unusual recreation park in romantic mountain woodland offers many attractive games and rides. Old and new fairytales as well as fables from local history come to life. More information under http://www.maerchenpark.de/  ...mehr
Märchen-Erlebnispark Marquartstein
Fairytale Experience Park - Märchen-Erlebnispark in Marquartstein Great entertainment for young and old is guaranteed by its many attraction ranging from an adventure playground, through a summer tobogganing run to novelty water gardens. More information on http://www.maerchenpark.de/  ...mehr
Cruises on the Chiemsee Lake A voyage by ship on the 'Bavarian Sea' should provide a wonderful day of experience. Throughout the year crossings are made to the islands of Frauenchiemsee and Herrenchiemsee. There are circular cruises around the lake as well. In summer special cruises with a programm  ...mehr
Schloss Herrenchiemsee
Island palace of Herrenchiemsee An absolute 'must' for all who love the Chiemsee is a visit to King Ludwig II's fairytale palace built on Herrenchiemsee to reproduce the magnificent Palais de Versailles. More information on http://www.herrenchiemee.de/  ...mehr
Island of Fraunchiemsee Stroll through the village with its sperb convent grounds on an island with no motor vehicles. More information on http://www.frauenwoerth.de/  ...mehr

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