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Gemeinde Grabenstätt, Chiemsee / Chiemgau  |  E-Mail: geschaeftsleitung@grabenstaett.de  |  Online: http://www.grabenstaett.de


Luftbild Tüttensee
Tüttensee A little hidden in the middle of a wood lies our idyllic Tüttensee lake with its open-air swimming facility. The Tüttensee is one of the warmest lakes in Upper Bavaria and invites swimming from as early as May. Surrounded by the nature reserve, this moor lake is notable for its valuabl  ...mehr
Beobachtungsturm bei Hagenau
Observation Towers at Hagenau and at the Hirschauer Bucht One of our viewing platforms has been erected with one of the most beautiful backdrops in the Chiemgau offering superb views across the Chiemsee waters, into the Hirschauer Bucht, onto the Achen Valley delta and the nearby Chiemgau Alps. Peo  ...mehr
Blumen- und Pflanzenwanderung Foto Köstler
Guided walks On guided walks you can discover the wide range of local fauna and flora. Between May and August the Grabenstätter tourist association organises plant appreciation walks through the Grabenstätter Moos. Here you can admire many types of orchids, blue and yellow iris as well as a wide  ...mehr
The 'Grabenstätter Moos' moorland Nature Reserve Grabenstätt lies in the midst of a wonderful landscape with nature as far as the eye can see. The Grabenstätter moorland has spread out in the Tiroler Achen river delta, and is the habitat for many rare birds and colourful plant life, an example b  ...mehr

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