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Gemeinde Grabenstätt, Chiemsee / Chiemgau  |  E-Mail: geschaeftsleitung@grabenstaett.de  |  Online: http://www.grabenstaett.de


Lorettokirche in Marwang
Loretokirche in Marwang The Loreto Church in Marwang bears charming witness to Bavarian piety eloquently expressed above all by the numerous votive panels covering more than three hundred years. Built in 1648, the interior of this double church exhibits a reproduction of the home of the Holy Family  ...mehr
Pfarrkirche Sankt Peter und Paul im Thale
Pfarrkirche 'Saint Peter and Paul im Thale' in Erlstätt After the Maria Himmelfahrt - Mary of the Assumption - in Tacherting, this parish church can boast of being the oldest village church in the Chiemgau region. The Erlstätt church originated in 1480 as it had already long been a Kooperatur (dep  ...mehr
Johanneskirche in Grabenstätt
Johanneskirche in Grabenstätt The site upon which the Gothic style Johannes church was built in 1400 was formerly occupied by its Roman predecessor and has been officially documented as a baptism chapel since AD 959. Particularly noteworthy are the Gothic frescoes with the mighty figure of St. Chri  ...mehr
Pfarrkirche St. Maximilian
Pfarrkirche 'St. Maximilian' in Grabenstätt Our parish church of St. Maximiilan, which has been thoroughly renovated in recent years, originates with its tower and altar from Gothic times (1430). In 1834 it fell victim to fire after which the main nave was rebuilt in the neo-Roman style. The splend  ...mehr
Bub mit Korb
Living Customs and Tadition Grabenstätt is more than nature and recuperation. Here one can also take a glimpse into the rich palette of Bavarian history. Our decorative regional costumes look back on a long tradition. And as this is not merely history is demonstrated on special occasions and events  ...mehr
Geographical Location Grabenstätt lies in the Chiemgau region southeast of the Chiemsee shoreline at 526 m (approx. 1700 ft) a.m.s.l. The Grabenstätt communal area encompasses about 38 km² and counts a good 4,200 inhabitants. The largest of the about 40 communities are the principal one Grabenst  ...mehr
Herbstliches Grabenstätt mit Chiemseeblick   © Gemeinde Grabenstätt
Its History ... On seeing Grabenstätt as it is today, one can hardly believe that it can look back on a long and historically eventful past and tradition. Various archaeological discoveries show that the land around Grabenstätt was settled from early in history. Salzburg sources mentioned the firs  ...mehr

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